Our Services

At Maddux Equine Services, we offer an array of specialized equine services to ensure proper diagnoses and care for our patients.

Preventative Care

Maddux Equine believes that prevention is the best form of medicine and, therefore, offers complete preventative care services. We work closely with owners to determine and decide the most appropriate treatment for their horses.

Vaccinations • Coggins Testing • Nutritional Counseling • Strategic Deworming • Wellness Examination • Fecal Egg Count • Oral Care

Senior Care

Senior horses require different care as they age, as they are more susceptible to different diseases and health problems. Our care ensures your horse will continue to live a comfortable, happy life.  

Oral Examination • Wellness Examination (with an emphasis on conditions and diseases that specifically affect senior horses) • Evaluation of and Treatment of Periodontal Disease • Strategic Deworming • PPID Screenings • Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Dentistry and Oral Care

Dentistry and oral care are important for the overall health of the horse. Horses with regular dental care tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Oral Examinations • Power Floats • Tooth Extraction • Evaluation of and Treatment for Proper Dental Alignment • Evaluation of and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Certified Chiropractic Care for Equine and Small Animals

Chiropractic care is important to the overall health and wellness of a horse. Maddux Equine offers certified chiropractic to horses and as well as small animals, such as dogs.

Lameness and Sports Medicine

Maddux Equine offers quality lameness exams and medicine for the equine athletes of Western Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Soundness Examinations • Radiographs • Joint Injections • Chiropractic Care

Digital Radiology (X-Ray)

Maddux Equine uses state-of-the-art digital radiology to obtain information about the bones and joints of the horse. This service is offered for both in-clinic and on-the-farm appointments.

Pre-Purchase Exam

A pre-purchase exam is a veterinarian check that ensures the horse you are buying meets your needs. In a pre-purchase exam, a veterinarian evaluates the overall health of the horse. This includes checking the horse’s temperature, pulse, respiration, conformation and the horse’s health history. The veterinarian will also conduct a lameness assessment.

Equine Podiatry

Equine podiatry is simply the care of a horse’s hoof. Podiatry treats hoof injuries, hoof infections, hoof abnormalities, hoof wounds and lameness that is a result of the hoof.

Reproductive Services

Maddux Equine offers advanced reproductive services to a variety of horses. We strive to make the breeding, gestation, birth and foaling process easy for the horse and its owner.  

Reproductive Examinations • Pregnancy Verifications  • Artificial Inseminations • Mare and New Foal Examinations • Foal Vaccinations

Surgical Procedures

Maddux Equine performs surgical procedures including castrations, enucleations and lacerations.

Digital Ultrasonography

Maddux Equine offers digital ultrasounds to obtain information about soft tissues areas of the horse. Digital ultrasonography uses high frequency waves to create an image. This service is offered for both in-home and on-the-farm appointments.

Internal Medicine

Maddux Equine uses internal medicine to determine and treat a variety of equine diseases.

In-House Diagnostic Lab

The Maddux Equine facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art diagnostic lab. With an in-house lab, we can determine your horse’s problem faster and provide treatment quicker.

Dermatology & Allergy Care

Maddux Equine offers specialized dermatology and allergy care to treat your horse’s skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin issues could be secondary symptoms of other untreated diseases. We strive to diagnose and treat your horse before the infection or allergy worsens.

Emergency Services

Maddux Equine offers 24-hour emergency care for our clients. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can reach Maddux Equine anytime at 270-965-2257 or visit us at 3841 US HWY 60, Marion, KY 42064.